Backorder - Swedish Fika Two-Toned Plate

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One of our favourites in the Swedish Fika series. This 7.5  inch size is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack plate. Garnished with an outer faded apricot shade and inner blue-ish gray tone, this handpainted plate changes colour as the sun rays hit from different angles. 

Use for: Roti canal, burger with melted cheese, pasta with truffles or an apple crumble pie (large size duh)  



Dimensions: Diameter 19.0cm, Height 1.3cm



Microwave Safe. Dishwasher Safe.


All instocks are sold and a backorder is now opened. Backorders will take 4 weeks to arrive, but items may arrive at a later date due to the COVID-19 situation. Please make a purchase only if you are alright with the waiting time.