Kyoto Kaiseki Brunch Plate

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Imagine savouring intricate morsel after morsel of a multi-course kaiseki meal in a Zen temple or surrounded by a tranquil forest — surely that must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. The Kyoto Kaiseki collection is inspired by our own experience of a meticulously prepared, exquisitely served Kaiseki cuisine surrounded by nature. 

This brunch plate is just right for breakfast, brunch (duh), lunch, dinner, midnight snack, and everything in between. The slightly raised sides with the cream raw rim give a touch of cafe-like vibe to all the food plated with it. 

Use for: stacks of kaya toast, maggi goreng, waffle with fried chicken, sourdough with truffle butter or your favourite perfume bottles  



8 inch: 2.7 cm height, 20.8 cm diameter

Colour: Sage Green



Microwave Safe. Oven Safe. Dishwasher Safe.

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