Kyoto Kaiseki Salad Plate

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Seasonality is a very important concept in kaiseki cuisine. The highly seasonal nature of a kaiseki meal is reflected in the fresh, seasonal and often local ingredients used in the plating style of the dishes. The seasons are also reflected in the crockery, such that the beauty of nature in that moment can be captured in the meal.
Suggestive of the early cherry blossoms in early Spring, this sand pink plate sets an elegant backdrop to your cakes and salad. The slim silhouette with low-rims makes this the perfect serving ware, though definitely not recommended for curries;) 

Use for: cheesecakes, matcha loaf, over the top toasts and pretty trinkets 



1.6 cm height, 21 cm diameter

Colour: Sand Pink (the perfect, muted shade of versatile pink)



Microwave Safe. Oven Safe. Dishwasher Safe.

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