Kyoto Kaiseki Bowl

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For more than just breakfast but perfectly sized for such. Granolas, yoghurt, fruits, yep we approve all. The petite size and depth makes it an extremely versatile bowl. The raw bottom reveals the natural clay and a speckled finish created by a hand-applied matt glaze, making each piece unique.

Use for: lots of gelato, smoothie bowl, fruits, desk snacks or a salad side

There may be slight differences between individual pieces due to their handmade nature. The Ivory White is finished in a thin white glaze and reacts differently to the clay underneath. You get peeks of the clay instead of a full one white mug. 



5.4 cm height, 12.2 cm diameter

Colour: Ivory White, Matcha Green



Microwave Safe. Oven Safe. Dishwasher Safe.

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