Kyoto Kaiseki Dinner Plate

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Sister to our speckled dish, this dinner plate without rim is also another personal favourite of ours. A contrast to the 90 degrees side of the speckled dish, this rimless piece is a classic. It is subtle, sleek, and an affirmative note to minimalism. The speckle trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere and is a key feature in our Kyoto Kaiseki Collection. 

This crispy white plate with textured black flecks is suitable for showcasing everything from essential dishes to special occasion meals. 

Use for: pasta, lasagna, jerk chicken, satay and everything you can think of (just not anything soupy)

There may be slight differences between individual pieces due to their handmade nature. 



8 inch: 20.5cm 



Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.

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