Kyoto Kaiseki Coffee Mug

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The Kyoto Kaiseki Coffee Mug is an image of serenity in our wind-down routine. The chic wooden handle with soothing hues of sage green and ivory white give us a sense of tranquility. 

The mugs we use everyday play such important role, whether for that pick me up drink to shake us awake every morning, a little warmth on a rainy day, to the last comforting drink before bed, so make yours a special one! Available in Ivory White and Sage Green

Use for: coffee (for your Monday blues), matcha green tea, Niko Neko Hojicha tea and any drinks you fancy

There may be slight differences between individual pieces due to its handmade nature. The Ivory White is finished in a thin white glaze and reacts differently to the clay underneath. You get peeks of the clay instead of a full on white mug.



9.8 cm height, 8 cm diameter. Approx 320 ml

Wooden handle is coated with food-safe walnut oil, it is safe to get in contact with water too.

Colour: Sage Green, Ivory White, Classic Black



Handwash only

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